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We are passionate about Wing Chun / Ving Tsun.

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Little Dragons 6 to 15

Ching Mo Little Dragons

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Hong KongTraining Trips

Ching Mo School hold regular trips to the far east, we take our students on training trips to Hong Kong to train and visit our Kung Fu family

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Who are Ching Mo Schools

Take a deep breath. Improve your fitness and mental health by practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu at Ching Mo Wing Chun School Fitness Centre.

Little Dragons

Ching Mo Little Dragon’s Our Children’s session The Little Dragons runs every Saturday from 10am to11am and…

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Online Tuition & Fitness Training

Ching Mo Online Tuition Here at Ching Mo Schools we feel that everyone should have access to…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Ching Mo Chinese Arts Centre. This is a service that we have…

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Welcome to the Ching Mo Schools

Wing Chun Kung Fu. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a no nonsense practical dynamic Martial Art that allows the student to develop their skills and gain a better understanding of the system.

The ultimate self defence system. Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches how to defend oneself without relying on brute force.

This style trains the student’s awareness, agility and reflexes while using natural body movements instead of muscular strength.

The student becomes aware of potential threats before they happen which can greatly reduce their chance of being attacked as well as improving their mental state.

This is done by learning how to control internal anger that could lead them into a dangerous situation.

You don’t need muscles to have power. We offer classes from beginners to advanced that are tailored for different skill levels so no one gets left behind.

At Ching Mo Wing Chun School Fitness Centre, you can find a dynamic system of self-defence and fitness open to all ages and fitness all skill and fitness levels welcome.

Our school also offer treatments in Chinese Medicine treatments such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Chi Gung and Sports Massage.

For over 30 years, Ching Mo has been teaching martial arts and is internationally renowned.

Ching Mo Schools are the only certified V.T.I.C.A.A. Ip Ching Sub Association Manchester outside of Asia

Training camp
Ip Ching Fitness

We offer tuition around the UK with fully certified Instructors and each school offering  the highest standards in Wing Chun.

Try our regular monthly beginners classes and get a feel for our school and the instructors, so potential students to “try before you buy”

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